Looking for a coach, mentor and critical friend?

If you have reached a point in your business development where what you do no longer delivers success or you are ready to turn your lifestyle business into a thing of real value, you are in the right place.

Which way will you turn?

You are on a business journey and there is a fork in the path ahead. Which way you turn will likely be the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

It could be that you have gotten over the thrill of having started your business and now wish you could consistently pay your bills or even take holidays.

Else, it could be that you are nearing the time where you wish to de-risk your business and consider the next steps in your own life journey.

If you are looking for coaching support to help you develop your ability to make great decisions that will drive you and your team towards the outcome you deserve, please contact me.


To ensure you get the attention you need, I limit myself to working with no more than eight companies at any time and will not take clients who are sector or geographically competitive with my existing client portfolio.

Every month we will spend time together to keep your goals in focus and on track. In addition, as needed I will engage with you and your teams to support the development of your business. Where possible all sessions are delivered virtually. This small portfolio approach ensures you benefit from enough of my thinking time between our engagements.

This service is provided as a managed service at a recurring but capped cost of £300 per month with a mutual minimum rolling commitment of 3-months. Expenses for travel and accommodation are only added if physical site visits are deemed a necessity.

About Gareth Johns

In 2015 having worked in my own businesses for 22 years, I drew up a plan. A legacy plan. A route map to take me to my 50th birthday in 2018 and to transition my interests in Business Computer Solutions to Employee Ownership.

Although not part of my 2015 plan, I then joined a large software company called ConnectWise to work as part of a small team looking after their business community programmes. The role included the tasks to build and run peer groups for small to medium IT businesses. The learning curve was steep and enjoyable, but in 2020 I decided to get back to my legacy plan.

As such, I am now back on my legacy plan, which is to empower and support business owners to achieve their desired outcomes whilst retaining a life and work in balance both for my portfolio of clients and myself. My core values include education and this legacy means that I can use my time to continue to develop my own skills, enhancing the value I bring to my clients.

Current Clients

Having exited this IT business in 2018, I have been retained as a coach and mentor to their Managing Director and leadership team.


Justin and Caroline have a fabulous IT support business in the East Anglia area. My role is to help them excel in their development plan.


Iain has a great telecoms and IT business in Scotland. I am working with Iain to further develop his leadership team.


Mike Chance runs a great business support peer group network in Kent, helping to promote better business behaviour.


Nash and Phil have a thriving business installing and supporting lifts in domestic and commercial premises.


Gareth’s Insights

Why have Gareth in your corner?