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The Referral Engine by John Jantsch

20170213-The-Referral-Engine-by-John-JantschKnowing that what we do at BCS to get new customers stopped working (the traditional new business ‘hunter’ and account management ‘gatherer’ model), we embraced with the help of our marketing guy David Shaw, what is now widely called ‘inbound marketing’. This book has been sitting on my shelf since September when David suggested I buy a copy. Perhaps if I had of read it before now I would have better understood the WHY of the WHAT we are doing. Just as well I had faith to get us this far.

There was so much great content in this book. In fact, I used up 45 post-it flags to highlight the important bits which is a record for me. One of the overriding sensations for me is how much of what John suggests we are already doing, which is great news. What I also realised is that this is going to be a difficult book to summarise. I think you are going to need to read this one yourself.

One of the first steps covered in the book is to ensure that your business is referral worthy which is further expanded in the need for your points of difference to be ‘talkable’ and the importance of your company story that supports these points.

The motivation of people who refer to your business is an interesting topic that is well covered and was enlightening for me, leading to changes of how I will approach this in the future.

My industry peers have questioned the logic in some of my ‘go-giver’ activities. I think next time anyone questions my madness, I will just send them a copy of this book the next day via Amazon Prime.

So, that’s all I am going to type on this one. If your old method of sitting on the phone making cold-calls until you get lucky no longer brings you that luck and you are ready to try something different, this book is almost certainly for you.