Daily Archives: 7th September 2017

100 New Customer Prospects for a Tenner

If I could offer you a scheme that for £10 would bring 100 new prospects into the door of your café, pub or restaurant business would you be interested in knowing more?

Having enjoyed a tour of the Isle of Wight this month I was taken by how of20170907 - 100 New Customer Prospects for a Tennerten businesses who are wholly dependant on the tourist trade post notices on the door to say that the toilets are only for the use of their cash paying customers.

Now let’s consider an alternative.

What if you were to allow these people to use your preciously protected toilet facility?

  1. If we assume that 100 extra visitors will cost a few toilet rolls, some soap, electric for the hand dryer and an extra clean. By my sums, I can’t see that being more than £10.
  1. The toilets in most venues are near the back. By the time a visitor has made it to your toilet they have seen all your key marketing messages and maybe even been greeted by you. Why not enhance that with a leaflet that visitors can take away detailing your food options or forthcoming entertainment schedule.
  1. Customers worry that dirty toilets are an indication or poor cleaning in the kitchen too. If your toilets are clean, by extension people assume that the kitchen is also likely to be hygienically clean. If your toilets are clean, let prospects see them.
  1. Most people are decent and will want to repay your generosity with their patronage during their vacation.
  1. If your local competitors are equally short sighted about this opportunity, why not change the poster on the door to say, “You are WELCOME to use our toilets”. You can have their share of the available prospects too.

If I owned a tourist based business, I would make the free and unhindered use of our toilets one of our marketing pillars.